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After the seller accepts your offer to buy the home; you have two important tasks to consider, 1) obtaining a mortgage commitment and 2) scheduling the home inspection.  These will be the next most important steps of your purchase event.  Typical steps are:

  1. Your agreement usually adheres to strict time conditions called “time is of the essence” clauses, which means you only get a certain amount of time to complete the inspection, obtain a loan commitment, and/or any other conditions and terms set forth in your offer. For the home inspection portion of your agreement, there is already standard inspection language for electing the various types of inspections that you choose.   You are in charge and may select a full, general home inspection to cover safety, use and condition of the home, or you may elect stand-alone tests such as radon, water, septic and/or microbial assessment (mold testing), etc.  Ask your lender if they have any additional or specific testing requirements you might need to comply with to obtain your loan.
  2. Picking an Inspector: Ask your realtor or mortgage lender for a recommendation for a Certified Home Inspector, like Falcon Home Inspections, LLC, who will meet your timeframe and provide a thorough and complete report with support photos that fully explains the findings and any deficiencies, in clear detail.
  3. Electing Tests: important areas you may want to include in your inspection:
    • Foundation:  Check for cracks, shifts, any roots disturbing the footings, drainage issues, etc.
    • Roof: Assess overall condition, approximate age and if you have tiny tenants.
    • Attics:  Always inspect condition of rafters, framing and insulation.  Check for leaks, mold, rot, vermin, bats or other unwanted guests.
    • Crawlspaces: Access to a crawlspace may be difficult, but nevertheless, very serious problems may be hiding there.  The major concerns are mold, mildew, rot and infestation.  These conditions may not always be obvious during a tour of the home.  If a microbial assessment (mold) is elected by the buyer, a thorough whole-house investigation is performed--especially targeting the attic  and crawlspace to visually inspect and test for mold and other issues.  Specimens are sent off to the lab to see if the presence of mold exists and if so, identify what type of mold was found.   Poor ventilation and moisture are the biggest causes for mold growth, and mold of any kind, has negative effects on the body.  Different varieties of mold produce respiratory conditions as well as skin and eye irritations.  Long exposure to black mold can reduce mental acuity and has been linked to the onset of Alzheimer’s. To learn more on the toxicity of mold, please visit:
    • Soffits and Eaves: Examine exterior/interior condition of soffits, eaves, stairs, porches and investigate evidence of bees, hornets or wasp nests.  Check if squirrels or other vermin have made entry sites. See here are some not so funny pictures of creatures outside looking in…and inside looking out.
  4. Room by Room Inspection:  Safety starts with a visual assessment of the home and an evaluation of each room.  Rooms are reported individually and in a full summary in the report with support photos and findings.  Items checked include inspection of outlets for correct operation, ensure all GFCI receptacles are correctly installed and working properly, check ceiling fans, lights, water flow and pressure, waste water – filling and exiting/flushing, heating and electric panels.  Walls, doors, trim, windows – seals, operation and locks, knobs, railings, cabinets and basic checks on many appliances are performed.  Click here to view a typical Falcon Home Inspections, LLC report example.
  5. Drainage, surface and ground water: Water seeping through your foundation can create a hostile environment in your home, Falcon Home Inspections, LLC will inspect foundations for chronic moisture damage or obvious water penetration.  This is a key point of our inspections.
  6. Radon:  In Central Ohio Radon has been documented at times with very high levels in various regions, so it would be advisable to retest periodically to ensure the environment is still healthy.
  7. General Home Inspections offer peace of mind, reassuring a buyer the home they have selected will fit the needs of the family and not be a burden financially.  Buying a home is the biggest investment of your lifetime, so please, Inspect to Protect.  You deserve to love your home and be confident in your decision.  Even if a home inspection report shows some dificiencies in the home, you may still feel it’s the right home for you!  Knowing the condition will help you plan for future maintenance or it may provide the opportunity to decline this home and search for another choice.  Without an inspection, you just won’t know.

You’re going to love your new home! Falcon Home Inspections, LLC is here to help you feel confident in your purchase.
Because some things are just too important to leave to chance!

Inspect to Protect!