Homeowners have Pride in Ownership:

ownershipIf you own a permanent residence, or even multiple homes; you will find as the years go on, your home will have noticeable wear and tear.  To ensure your home is maintaining its market value and providing you and your family with a safe living environment, you should consider re-inspecting the home every two years as a maintenance task.  Especially for Central Ohio and surrounding area, we have documented radon levels that warrant continued monitoring.

Many vacation homeowners only visit their properties in the summer months, during better weather, and never see the effects of the spring thaw and heaving, or drainage issues from melting snow and major rain events.  Many of these conditions can affect foundations and footings, eventually allowing water access into crawlspaces and wooden supports for decks and additions, making it ideal for mold, rot or infestation.

Equally, venting in roof overhangs, soffits, eaves, attics and ornate trims can also be an environment for molds, mildew, rot, decay and a habitat for mice, bats, squirrels, racoons, bees, hornets, ants and termites, even snakes can find their way through tiny crevasses and become quite comfortable by the dryer vent or warm concrete.  Like anything, once the traffic finds a way in, they all want to visit.

But pests and furry creatures are not the only concern to infiltrate your home.  Radon gas is an odorless, colorless gas that is naturally occurring and starts with the decay of uranium which is present everywhere on the planet.  It is found in soil and rock.  It is a tasteless radioactive gas the emanates from sub-surface terrain and travels up through the ground and can enter any dwelling by openings and cracks in foundations and small openings around pipes and sump pumps.  Radon is prevalent in Central Ohio and therefore, it is prudent to test for it.   Radon affects lung health and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the US today.   There are ways to resolve high levels of radon, through mediation.  But before you can take action, you need to have an inspection.  Inspect to Protect!

If you have concerns about your home, please feel free to call Falcon Home Inspections, LLC today;  740-501-6902.   Doug Bergold, owner/certified home inspector of Falcon Home Inspections, LLC is always happy to answer any questions you may have.